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Have you forgotten an item
on the Riviera Romagnola
or do you wish to ship your luggage?

Oggetti dimenticati

I forgot an object

Retrieve your items!
If you have forgotten items
in tourist facilities in the province
trust AD Turista!
spedizione bagagli

I have to send my luggage

Ship your luggage
If you have made too many purchases
and/or wish to ship your excess luggage,
rely on Ad Turista

Did you forget an item?

Retrieve it with Ad Turista

Click on the item you forgot and add it to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout by entering your details and selecting the hotel where you want to pick it up. AD-TURISTA will collect it, pack it securely and send it to your address

Do you want to ship your luggage back easily?

Fill in the form below indicating the weight, size and content of what you wish to send.
You will be contacted directly by Ad Turista

    Why choose Ad Turista?

    Speed, efficiency and service

    We work on the entire territory of the Riviera. We safely ship suitcases, packages, food parcels, documents and bicycles and other sports equipment.
    No Extra Costs
    Registration and service provision for hotels is free of charge!
    Romagnoli DOP
    We operate exclusively for the Romagna Riviera
    Local knowledge
    We know all the hotels and tourism activities
    Perfect packaging
    We provide ad-hoc packaging for items
    25 years of experience
    Specialising in the area since 1998

    How does Ad Turista work?

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    Choose object
    To activate the shipping request for your item or luggage
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    Enter data
    Fill it in, adding all details, such as sender, recipient and parcel weight and size.
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    On the chosen day, one of our appointees will pick up the parcel from the place indicated.
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    Customised packaging
    Before shipment, it will be carefully and safely packaged to protect it during transport.
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    Any special requests?
    For special requests, our personnel will be on hand to help from Monday to Friday at the following times: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
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    Check shipping
    You can easily track your luggage by clicking on the link sent by the courier by email.
    Accommodation facilities
    have trusted us!
    Customer satisfaction
    Parcels containing luggage and other items shipped